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Ionhevea Teal Wood Floor (L

Sell Ionhevea Teal Wood Floor (L

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Specification of Ionhevea Teal Wood Floor (L

Ionhevea Teal Wood Floor (L)

The ionhevea product is available in Normal (N), Leonardo (L) or Vincent (V) selections.
The ionhevea product is available in normal finishing or wirebrush (not scratch resistant)
The ionhevea product can be customized with specific MOQ.

Wooden floors are all products made from wood designed to be used as floor coverings, either structurally or aesthetically. Parquet Flooring Parquet is often regarded as a form of wooden flooring, although it is made from Grass (bamboo) better than wood. Wood is a common choice as flooring material is caused by elasticity and flexibility.