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Ionwood Wood Floor White Oak
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Specification of Ionwood Wood Floor White Oak

Ionwood Wood Floor White Oak

The world's first wood floor containing negative ions is good for health.
Negative ions are negatively charged and naturally-shaped air particles along with fractions of air molecules by sunlight, waterfalls, lightning and others. Negative ions work as vitamins for air.
- Reduce the bacteria around.
- Reduce the smell of sharp and unwanted.
- Reduces dust in the air.

Ionwood contains tourmaline stones as well as germamium which naturally can enghasilakn negative ions and this makes ionwood as the world's first wooden floor the only one in the world that can make the air in the room more healthy.

Benefits of negative ions for health:
- Breathing, negative ions improve the autonomic nerves thus making the flow of breathing more smoothly.
- Metabolism, negative ions help revitalize cell metabolism, increase the vitality of muscle tissue and strengthen internal oragan.
- Eliminate fatigue, negative ions increase the flow of oxygen to the brain and help the efficient use of oxygen thereby increasing alertness, relieving tension and fatigue.
- Strengthening bone, the anion content in the body will increase with negative ions, it will facilitate the storage of calcium in the blood.
- Purify the blood, by increasing the level of calcium and sodium in the bloodstream, negative ions help restore the PH balance in the blood.
- Blood pressure, negative ions have an effect on parasympathetic, which is useful to restore normal blood pressure.

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