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Ionwood Wood Floor Royal KSK

Sell Ionwood Wood Floor Royal KSK

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Specification of Ionwood Wood Floor Royal KSK

Ionwood Wood Floor Royal KSK

Benefits of negative ions for health:
- Breathing, negative ions improve the autonomic nerves thus making the flow of breathing more smoothly.
- Metabolism, negative ions help revitalize cell metabolism, increase the vitality of muscle tissue and strengthen internal oragan.
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Ionwood Function:
- Negative ions, ionwood able to produce negative ions more than 1000 / cc so that the room to be more healthy.
- Termite resistant, ionwood uses a harmless formula, but is very effective in warding off termite attack.
- Stability system, a multi cross-layered structure of solid engineering called collating wooden layers with crossed fibers to make ionwood resistant to expansion and shrinkage.
- The EO system, the formaldehyde content of the ionwood belongs to the EO classification, lower than the European standard so that ionwood is safe to use.
- Surface protection, with 12 layers of UV coating and 1 layer of finishing, protected ionwood from liquid spilled on it so there will be no marks and your floor will always look clean.
- Scratch resistant, ionwood uses cutting-edge technology in the lining and makes it more scratch resistant, so the wooden floor will always look new.